not to be confused with Retarded64: Mario Simulator

Retarded64 Mario Simulator06:11

Retarded64 Mario Simulator

Mario Simulator is a shame for the Nintendo Glitchy4, it is made from


the Player controls Mario through a series of Smg4-related Mario stuff. sometimes, the player mus us the corresponding buttons to do something, or be given a choice of what to do. doing these things earn mario Experience, Awsomeness, or Swag. but if you die, you have to start from the beginning



Game ObjectivesEdit

MushroomAccelerates your fart.From the Beginning.
1-Up MushroomIncreases your mar count by 1. In Bob-omb Battlefield
Mega MushroomMakes you grow to mega size.Toward the Bricks.
Poison MushroomAccelerates your fart. (backwards)By unlocking Brawl Mario.
Mini MushroomMakes you small.On the top of the Minpipe.
Ghost ShroomMakes you invisible.By Speaking to Boo.
Crash MushroomMakes you get high and crash.By Speaking to Luigi.
Mexican Dwarf MushroomMakes you ridiculously tiny. Also you speak Spanish.By Speaking to the Mexican Dwarves.
GarlicAccelerates your fart. (upwards)After obtaining the Bash Ball.
Chaos EmeraldsUse Chaos Control.By beating Perfect Chaos.
Candy WrapperYou Are Candy.By beating Link.
Chuck NorrisRoundhouse Kick.By beating Weegee's Mansion.
Troll FacePEE SEE.In Cee Pii Yu.
Laser-ArmorDipsy!By beating Dipsy.
BowserOH, YOU GOT BURNED!In Dark Land.

Shell ShopEdit

Green ShellLocks its target (the wall) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Red ShellLocks its target (one enemy) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Blue ShellLocks its target (yourself) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Yellow ShellLocks its target (Evil Guy) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Pink ShellLocks its target (Amy Rose from Sonic Generations) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Cyan ShellTurns into Cyanide and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Purple ShellLocks its target (Onpu) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Orange ShellLocks its target (all enemies) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Brown ShellTurns into DK Poop and gets thrown.In the Shell Shop.
Black ShellLocks its target (OMGAWUU) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
White ShellLocks its target (White) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Gold ShellLocks its target (Brawlic) and hits it.In the Shell Shop.
Spiny Shell Locks its target (Evil Guy) and hits it. Makes an asplosion. In the Shell Shop.


Item: Mexican Wario Clone - Locks onto target (all enemies) and throws over 9001 Mexican Warios (that each ate over 8999 buritos ten seconds ago) at each enemy with their buttcheeks on the enemy face, five seconds later all of them would fart. This item was removed from the game because the item is so cruel, satan wouldn't dare use it... *shiver*.


EnemyAttacksHit Points
8-year-old Princess Daisy in OverallsUsing the Urinal1
Tinky WinkyKilling4
Laa-LaaEating Tubby Toast4
PoLaser Eyes4
LinkZelda Flowers12
SteveStone Sword20
Spiny ShellLocks its target (you) and hits it.5


Chuck NorrisesEdit

Mistakes Edit

  • The ''Toad Simulator'' mode image disappears for a split second.
  • On the Retarded64 version in the Toad and Luigi Simulators, the health still says "Mario".


  • This game is 100% Mario
  • This game is rated E for Everyone!
  • Luigi is SWITCHED With Mario With Z
  • On the Nintendo Glitchy4 version, the health says the name of the current character you are playing as, but on the Retarded64 Version, the health always says "Mario".

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