Template:NeedsImagesMario Party 634 is a very awful shame by Nintendon't, Well, duh! It's worth nothing because Nintendo ran out of ideas so they had to do copyright theft on many occasions, so all the mini-games and boards are now stupid. We'd like to say that it was the last game in the Mario Party series, but there are probably another 14,000 shames already on unmario.wikia, and still, some of them are awful.


  • ShayminRivballs
  • SonicRivballs
  • DaisyMini Goes
  • PickleMini Goes
  • Koopa Troopa-Secret Koops
  • Para-Troopa-Secret Koops
  • Pinkie Pie -- Meme Team
  • Angry German Kid -- Meme Team
  • Teenage Turtle Mutant NInjas - Grim Ninjas
  • Grim, Billy and Mandy - Grim Ninjas
  • Dudley Puppy—TUFF sappies
  • Kitty Katswell—TUFF sappies
  • King Julian - Spoilt Brats
  • Maurice - Spoilt Brats
  • Mort - Annoying Potties
  • Marlene - Annoying Potties
  • Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria - Circus Idiots
  • Gia, Vitaly and Stefano - Circus Idiots
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Lazy Dummies
  • Patrick Star - Lazy Dummies
  • Mason and Phil - Twin Stupids
  • Fanboy and Chum Cum - Twin Stupids
  • Sheen and Dr. Nesmith - Tubby Sickies
  • The Furious 5 - Tubby Sickies
  • Sid, Diego and Manny - Idiotic Animals
  • Timon, Pumbaa, Terk and Tantor - Idiotic Animals
  • Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo - Terrible smellies
  • The Great Mighty Poo - Terrible smellies
  • Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Sparky - Guardian Under Agies
  • Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Sandman - Guardian Under Agies
  • I.M. Meen - The Mean Gams
  • Ganon - The Mean Gams
  • Link and Zelda - Mad Captives
  • King of Hyrule - Mad Captives
  • Mario Head - Naughty Nitpips
  • Kyle (Fanboy and Chum Chum) - Naughty Nitpips
  • Gaston - Burning Hells
  • Judge Claude Frollo - Burning Hells
  • M. Bison - Street Disagreement
  • Guile - Street Disagreement
  • Panty - Anime Fools
  • Madotsuki - Anime Fools
  • Billy Mays - Terminator Gladiators
  • Hitler - Terminator Gladiators
  • Snake - Gastrous Vommies
  • Otacon - Gastrous Vommies
  • Dr. Robonotic - BOOMS
  • Leonidas - BOOMS
  • Tommy Wiseau - Puddingheads
  • AVGN - Puddingheads
  • Nostaligia Critic - Playbogs
  • IRate Gamer - Playbogs
  • Haruhi - Mum boss
  • Mama Luigi - Mum boss
  • Yomika - Pipsquaks
  • Jaime Mussan - Pipsquaks
  • New Hercules - Missus
  • Zoolander - Missus
  • Don Ramon - Cowards
  • Toon Wily - Cowards
  • Scanty - Silly Billies
  • Kneesocks - Silly Billies
  • Thomas the Tank Engine - Gay Trains
  • The Fat Controller - Gay Trains
  • Dr. Applecheek - Terrible Jungle
  • Gnorris - Terrible Jungle
  • Gumby - Idiot Book Travelers
  • Pokey - Idiot Book Travelers
  • Heihachi Mishima - Jealous Game Saboteurs
  • Yoshimitsu - Jealous Game Saboteurs
  • Jin Kazama - Scary Outsiders
  • Hworang - Scary Outsiders
  • Ling Xiaoyu - Silly Old Bats
  • Panda - Silly Old Bats
  • Chun Li - Wicked General Army Officers
  • Cammy - Wicked General Army Officers
  • Ryu - Untrained fighters
  • Ken - Untrained fighters
  • Asuka - Unusual Rivals
  • Lilli - Unusual Rivals
  • Christie Monteiro - Les Miserables
  • Eddy Gordo and Tiger - Les Miserables
  • Roger Jr. , Gon (Tekken 3) and Alex (Tekken 2) - JUNGLE DISATER
  • Alisa - Silly Robotic Fighters
  • Lars - Silly Robotic Fighters
  • Jack X - Cheeky Ifficers of the Loo
  • Lei Wulong - Cheeky Ifficers of the Loo
  • Marshall Law - Stupid Idiot Fighters
  • Paul Phoenix - Stupid Idiot Fightes
  • Kazuya - Ninja Assassins
  • Nina Williams and Anna Williams - Ninja Assassins
  • Bob (tekken) - Texan Brats
  • Julia Chang - Texan Brats
  • Raven - Mystical Nightmares
  • Astaroth - Mystical Nightmares
  • Craig Marduk - Wrestling Failures
  • King - Wrestling Failures
  • Steve Fox - Boxer Idiots
  • Armor King - Boxer Idiots
  • Toro - Naughty Cats
  • Kuro - Naughty Cats
  • Juri - Bad luck officers
  • Juni - Bad luck officers
  • Rufus - Big Fatties
  • Zangief - Big Fatties
  • Bryan Fury - Nasty Team
  • Abel - Nasty Team
  • Vega - Horrid Unmasked fighter and boxer
  • Balrog - Horrid Unmasked fighter and boxer
  • Dhalsim - Asian Abnormals
  • Sagat - Asian Abnormals
  • Rolento - Crazy Gunners
  • Ibuki - Crazy Gunners
  • Guy - Wimpy Prisoners
  • Cody - Wimpy Prisoners
  • Sakura - Cross Continental Loonatics
  • Blanka - Cross Continental Loonatics
  • Poison - Ignorant Bigheads
  • Hugo - Ignorant Bigheads
  • Akuma - No Match Idiots
  • Pacman - No Match Idiots
  • Elena (Street Fighter) - Flat Surfaces
  • Dudley (Street Fighter) - Flat Surfaces
  • Megaman - Unhuman weirdos
  • Ogre - Unhuman weirdos
  • Cole (InFamous) - Krakenfarts
  • Kos-Mos - Krakenfarts
  • Packer - The Softers
  • King Slime - The Softers
  • Devil Kazuya - HORRIBLES
  • Charade - HORRORIBLES
  • Felicia - Childish Barts
  • MOMO - Childish Barts
  • Karin - Wooden Robotboys and a stupid girl
  • Mokujin and Tetsujin - Wodden robotboys and a stupid girl
  • Morrigan - Big bad bats
  • Prototype Jack - Big Bad Bats
  • Q-Bee - Bees n Gladiators
  • Black Valkerie, Lillith and Valkerie - Bees n Gladiators
  • Heishiro Misturugi - Ninja Nimcompoops
  • Taki - Ninja Nimcompoops
  • Roll Caskett - Nonsense girls
  • Shion Uzuki - Nonsense girls
  • Rose - Evil Roses
  • Evil Ryu - Evil Roses
  • Tron Bonne - Robo Fools
  • ServBot - Robo Fools
  • Iago - Foolish Birds
  • Zazu - Foolish Birds
  • Mew - Rare Flyings Things
  • Celebi - Rare Flyings Things
  • Jirachi - Candy & Macaron Addicteds
  • Victini - Candy & Macaron Addicteds
  • Justin Beiber - Singing Sickos
  • One Direction (Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) - Singing Sickos
  • Fred Figglehorn - Annoying Retards
  • Annoying Orange - Annoying Retards
  • Konata Izumi - Unlucky Squids
  • Ika Musume - Unlucky Squids
  • Awesome Face - The Faces of Evil
  • Troll Face - The Faces of Evil
  • Homer Simpson - Fat Dads
  • Peter Griffin - Fat Dads
  • Kirby - Sissy Boys
  • Bellossom - Sissy Boys
  • Rex, Dweeb, Woog and Elsa - Dinosaur Chaos
  • Lizardman (Aeon Calcos) - Dinosaur Chaos
  • Maid Zukin - Confusifying Girls
  • Devil Zukin - Confusifying Girls
  • Jinx - Wicked Witches
  • Raven - Wicked Witches
  • Cherie - Horror Magic
  • Salas and Howie - Horror Magic
  • Kitana and Mileena - Mystery Assassins
  • Jade and Tanya - Mystery Assassins
  • Cyberfairy -Evil Gunners
  • Gretel MK2 -Evil Gunners
  • Ruby Heart - Deathly Pirates
  • Bishamon - Deathly Pirates
  • Mei-Ling - Dimwitted Gals
  • Hsien-Ko - Dimwitted Gals
  • Jon Talbain -Scary Fairytales
  • Baby Bonnie Hood -Scary Fairytales
  • Cyan Garamonde - Disgusting Prostitutes
  • Terra Branford - Disgusting Prostitutes
  • Celes - Stupid Captains
  • Locke - Stupid Captains


  • Bowser's Right Eye
  • Peach's Closet/Jelly Bean Box (You don't expect all Princesses to be in shape,do you?)
  • Some 70's disco dancing place
  • Daisy's Lollipop, Ice Cream, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cookie, Cotton Candy and Cake Box (Ah, So You Want Princess Peach and Daisy to be very fat)
  • Bowser's Left Eye
  • McDonald's Playplace! (OH,THE HORROR!!! YOU'RE LOSING WEIGHT!!!)
  • Waluigi's Stomach (it is a very short game)
  • Bowser Jr.'s Crib (Filled with all the Chain Chomps and Bob-ombs a growing young tyrant should need!)
  • Mario Head World
  • I.M. Meen's Labyrinth
  • Link's Palace
  • Map (It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!)
  • Bowser's Yucky Nose
  • Birdo's Nose (Do you like giant boogers?)
  • Baby Rapper Mario's Crib (Not what you may think it to be.)
  • The Mushroom Kingdom
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Poo World
  • Pee Pee Island
  • Vomit Land
  • Wario's Butt
  • Teletubby Land
  • Wonderland
  • The Underworld
  • Hell
  • Heaven
  • Bowser's Little Kiddy Choo Choo Train (Bowser won't fit, he'll break it)
  • Bowser's Tubby Bed
  • Back at Mario's House
  • Thomas' O Face
  • Coin World
  • The Land of Oz
  • The Secret Money Pit
  • The Twin Towers
  • The Moon
  • King Harkinian's Banquet
  • Krusty Burger
  • Mobius
  • Da Prehistoric Island
  • Sacred Mt Fuji the Lava bed (this board and the next 7 were copied from Soulcalibur 3 without Namco's permission.)
  • Pirate Raid
  • Clock Tower
  • Egyptian Temple
  • Lotus Garden
  • The Grand Labyrinth
  • Indian Port
  • The Lakeside Colosseum
  • Celebration Avenue (from Pacman Party... Namco are getting fed up of the copyright theft from Nintendon't)

Da BossesEdit

  • Bowser's Yucky Eye
  • WaPeech
  • Rappiego
  • WaDaisy
  • Bowser's Yucky Eye Agian!
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  • Suicide Waluigi
  • The Baby Botherer (Da baby son of the botherers in body shock)
  • Evil Mario Head
  • Booker the evil book
  • Ugly Ganon (Who Turned Evil completely by accident)
  • Map
  • Germy Snotter
  • Gemma Snotter
  • Baby Bowser
  • Evil Koopa Bonkonzo
  • Mr. Pooja the Evil diarrohea
  • Pipi the evil pee pee fountain
  • Vometra the evil vomit
  • Constipated Wario (Who is trying to poop)
  • The Teletubbies
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • Hades da lord of da dead
  • Devil Andros
  • Carface the evil bulldog
  • Bowser (Who is stuck on the Little Kiddy Train)
  • Bowser (Who is stuck in the Teletubby Bed)
  • King Jaronded the evil
  • KeeperOfPorridge
  • Bob the Builder
  • The Evil Wicked Witch Queen Azraele
  • Sa'luk and his forty thieves (Before you defeat him the songs welcome to the forty thieves and are you in or out from aladdin king of thieves appear)
  • Osama Bin Laden (In an Airplane)
  • The Cheese Monster
  • King Harkinian's Evil Twin Brother
  • Homer (Corrupted by that Blob from Treehouse of Horror XVII)
  • The Supreme High Robotnik
  • Sharptooth
  • Red Willo the Wisp
  • Captain Hook, Smee and his pirates
  • Clolok the evil clock
  • Rameses II and his Henchmen Hotep and Huy
  • The Evil Skunk
  • Blue Willo the Wisp
  • Tzekel-Kan
  • Colossus the giant big dancing statue with his Olympus Punisher sword and shield
  • Bearserk (who else? Nintendon't was just a bunch of uncreative men who copied the real boss of celebration avenue)

Da MinigamesEdit

The List of minigames (they're from Trapped! of CBBC because Nintendon't couldn't create their own, and the games were taken without permission, so CBBC are hunting them down at the moment.) go on Wikipedia on CBBC Trapped an you'll find instructions how to play, but they put some of the minigames in the 4 player games, others in the 3 VS 1 games and the rest in the 2 vs 2 games, and little did they know that none of the combinations made sense, reflecting Mario Party 634's status as a horrible shame.

  • Black Widow (4 players)
The characters are surrounded by white spider's eggs, They must use the Vacuumigators to suck up all the eggs. But, they have to be careful 'cause amongst the eggs are Black Widow spiders. You don’t wanna be sucking none of them up. If they do, more spider’s eggs will be released! They have 100 seconds to suck up ALL the eggs. If there's even 1 left, The characters will lose!

  • Toxic Treats (3 vs 1)
In this minigame, the characters will have to pick parcels from a pile of presents. Some contain lovely treats. Whilst others contain something toxic! They must open 3 lovely presents to pass the challenge. But if they open 3 presents full of stink, they'll lose

  • Wall of Sorrow (3 vs 1)
To win this minigame, the wall must be complete at the end of 90 seconds. They'll have to keep their wits about them because at some point all the lights will go out and the Saboteur will strike! And then them characters will find out why we call it the Wall of Sorrow! Quick! Get building! Remember, the wall must be finished at the end of the challenge.
  • Goblet Of Ice (4 players)
In this minigame, The characters must carry snow across the icy stepping stones and fill the Goblet of Ice. But, it's not that easy. The stones are deadly slippery and there's a monstrous gale blowing! It's windier than a plateful of baked beans! What's more, if so much as a toe slips off them stepping stones, the Goblet will tip up and empty out all of the snow they've collected so they'll have to start all over again!
  • Body Shock (3 vs 1)
This is the Tower Lab. To win this minigame, The Characters must assemble a body from body parts scattered around the room. Easy, eh? Ha!! Well, it would be if the lab didn't keep having power cuts! If this happens, they must beware, as someone might release the Botherers. They must deal with the Botherers and complete the body in time or they will lose!"
  • Poisoned Harvest (2 vs 2)
Welcome to the Mystical Wood, where the trees are bursting with juicy Weedleberries. To win this minigame, the characters must collect all the berries and put them in each other's baskets. But, they must pick carefully, as the purple berries are poisonous! If 2 baskets are found to be contaminated with poison berries, they will lose the minigame!
  • Giant Appetite (3 vs 1)
A hungry Giant is waiting for his guzzle snacks. To win this minigame, the characters must set his banqueting table with the correct items in place. If they hear the Giant coming, they must hide quick! But, watch out as someone will be trying to spoil the party! If the table is not set when the time runs out, they will lose
  • Feed Me Lies (4 players)
This game is all about truths and lies. On this floor is a magical garden. In the centre are two plants; Phyllis, who loves the truth, and Madge, who loves lies. the characters must choose a seed and put it under the magnifying glass. Phyllis will read out the statement written on it. Is it true or is it a lie? The characters must decide which plant to feed. The characters must feed 3 seeds to the correct plant to pass. Get it wrong 3 times and they lose
  • Freaky Factory (3-1 players)
This is Freaky Factory. As a team, the characters must fill the egg boxes on the conveyor belt with matching coloured vulture eggs, which they will find at the back of each booth. To successfully complete this challenge, they must correctly fill 5 of the coloured boxes. They only have 90 seconds to do it, but beware, the Saboteur will be working against them

  • Deadly Medley (2 vs 2)
Meet Boris the Organist. He's been trapped here for years. In this minigame, the characters have got to make words using the musical notes, A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Once they've thought of a word, they must place the letters on his music stand for Boris to play. Boris will like some words and not like others. To win the minigame, the characters must spell 3 words Boris likes. If they spell 3 words he does not like, they will lose.
  • Septic Sewers (3 vs 1)
Ahh, the Septic Sewers! To win this minigame, characters must plug up the toxic gas escaping from the drain. It's causing a right old stink! When the drain is complete, they will be sucked back up the pipes. Whilst waiting in the dark, someone will be sneaking about! They must plug up the drain before the time runs out or they will lose!
  • Spooked! (2 vs 2)
This is the Tower Library and that is Miss Mutternot, the bad-tempered librarian. To win this minigame, characters must find 3 safe books and hand them to the librarian. But, beware! Miss Mutternot has an awful temper! If they pick 3 "spooked books", they will lose!
  • Fairy Trails (2 vs 2)
For the little people, it’s judgement day! To win this minigame, the characters must place the fairy traps into the exterminator so they can get a real good look at them. If they decide it's a good fairy, they must release it. If they decide it's a bad fairy, they must blow it up! If they guess wrong 3 times, they will lose!
  • Beware the Crowman! (2 vs 2)
A murky meadow where a Crowman guards 13 flickering pumpkins. To win this minigame, the characters must sneak past him and blow out 3 pumpkins. But, beware! Some of the pumpkins are bad and will disturb the Crowman! Blow out 3 bad pumpkins and they will lose!
  • Snake Attack (2 vs 2, as one member of one team will put his or her hand in the hole without getting bitten by the snake)
A strange wall faces the characters. Haa! Haa! Haa! One of them must make it safely from one side to the other, choosing which holes to put their hands in. They must choose wisely, because the wall is home to a hungry child-eating python! She’ll be waiting in one of the holes for a little snack. It’s simple. If they get bitten 3 times, they lose!

  • Witch's Brew (2 vs 2)
The characters' challenge is to help Ethel the Witch, make a magical potion by fetching ingredients for her spell. All the ingredients are in the jars on the shelves but those ingredients are confusi-fying and it's hard to tell which one is which. characters must add at least 2/3 correct ingredients to pass the challenge but they'll have to pick carefully. Get more than 1/2 wrong and they lose!

  • Exploding Toad in the Hole (2 vs 2)
Ah! Here we are, the stinking bog, best spot in the whole Tower for a picnic and a breath of foul air! You dropped a bit of yer lunch down the bog-holes earlier. So, in this minigame, the characters have got to find it. Plunging their hands into the snarty bog-holes, the characters will either find a bit of yer lunch or an exploding toad! If they find 3 toads, they lose!

  • Horror Heads (4 players)
The characters are gathered around a spooky pit where four evil toys are ready to play nasty: the Horror Heads! Each Horror Head is controlled by an character, but who is controlling which head? To win this minigame, they must work together to move the ball across the pit within 90 seconds. If they run out of time, it’s their necks on the line and they lose!

  • Green Fingers (3 vs 1)
The Tower Potting Shed is home to Green Fingers. To win this minigame, the characters must find 3 plant pots that contain magic bulbs. But, they better watch out! If they pick the wrong pot, Green Fingers will get them! Unearth Green Fingers three times and they will lose!

  • Two Faced Liar (3 vs 1)
Meet Madame Deux Visage, the Two-Faced Liar. To win this minigame, the characters must listen to Madame's reflection make statements. They must decide if they are true or false. If they get 3 right, they will win. But, get 3 wrong and they will lose!

  • Wicked Wardrobes (3 vs 1)
To win, they must have all 8 lights turned on at the end of 90 seconds. Once the lights are on, they must hide in their wardrobes and wait. Sounds easy, dun't it? Except one of them will be working against the others! When a light is turned off, it will trigger the music, a signal to the others that the Saboteur has struck! Can they catch the Saboteur in the act? And will they have all the lights on at the end of 90 seconds?

  • Poison Banquet (4 players)
The characterss face a five-course banquet. Taking it in turns, they must eat one cake from each course. But characters beware, because one of the three cakes in each course is poisoned! To win this minigame, they must eat three good cakes before they eat 3 poisoned ones! But who is the dinner guest trying to poison the others?

  • Sleep Creepers (3 vs 1)
Eight alarm clocks all going off. Oh, what a racket! The characters have got to turn them all off. Once they've done that, they've got to jump back into bed and pull their duvet right over their heads. They can't peek out, but if they hear an alarm, it means the game has been sabotaged and they'll need to find the alarm and turn it off. They'll win if all the alarms are turned off at the end of 90 seconds.

  • Extraction (4 players)
Take a seat, this is Extraction. To win this minigame, characters must extract 3 rotten teeth from the whinging werewolf. But, beware! If they pull out a healthy tooth, the werewolf will shake and howl in pain! Pull out 3 healthy teeth and they lose!

  • One Eyed Watcher (4 players)
Roll up! Roll up for the One-Eyed Watcher! He'll be keeping one eye on the characters and his other eye on the table. To win this minigame, characters must follow his eyeball and find it under the gold cups 3 times. Get it wrong 3 times and they will lose!

  • Camp Fear (3 vs 1)
Pitch your tents if you dare! To win this minigame, the characters must find 9 pieces of wood and assemble the camp fire. Once built, they must take shelter and rest. But, beware! If someone puts the fire out, the Moonhowler will appear! They must keep the beast at bay and quickly build the fire in time or they will lose!

  • Forbidden Chambers (4 players)

In the Forbidden Chambers are crates of smelly Jub-Jubs that must be kept apart. To win this minigame, the characters must stack the crates of the same colour in the matching coloured chamber. But they can only carry one colour at a time and can only enter another chamber if it isn’t occupied. If less than 2 towers are stacked when the time runs out, they will lose!

Note: The characters have to move the colored jub jub boxes in the chambers with the same color: orange, yellow, green and purple