A chart of official character heights and weights, compared to a rough estimate of comparable human weights. A few worthwhile things to know:

  • Mario, at 155 cm and 95 kg, is short and extremely heavy, and too dense to float in water. Therefore, his numbers may not be the best standard to base your character off of unless yours is obese.
  • Luigi is also deceptively heavy. This is not understandable, since he is shown to be weak, unlike Wario the Fatso
  • Every Universe except the Real World and SMG4 Universe seem to think it's really cute to hide the weight of all their female characters (except Cream). This is incredibly unhelpful, just like this bullet point, which offers no further insight.
  • Nintendo has not made any characters between 170 cm and 280 cm tall, unless you count Ganondorf (and we wish you wouldn't). For what it's worth, he's 230 cm, 100 kg.
  • This chart doesn't help with robots. For example, Metal Jakob is Jakob's height, but weighs 258 pounds.

Normal ModeEdit

CharacterHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Age
Toad (Nintendo Universe)8020??
Toadette (Nintendo Universe)90???
Toadlue (Nintendo Universe)8020??
Toadsworth (Nintendo Universe)8020??
Toad (SMG4 Universe)100355
Toadette (SMG4 Universe)10035
Toadsworth (SMG4 Universe)11040??
Yoshi (Nintendo Universe)140135??
Mario (Nintendo Universe)1559524
Luigi (Nintendo Universe)16060??
Wario (Nintendo Universe)175100??
Waluigi (Nintendo Universe)16465??
Peach (Nintendo Universe)170???
Mario (SMG4 Universe)150Unknown86
Luigi (SMG4 Universe)1703086
Wario (SMG4 Universe)20030086
Waluigi (SMG4 Universe)2303086
Peach (SMG4 Universe)2875223

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